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Enabling Fracture Liaison Care Coordination & Quality in the Cloud
Despite 15 years of documented international success of the Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) model of care to identify and manage patients at risk for osteoporosis and to prevent deadly consequences of secondary fractures, few hospitals have implemented this standard of care.

ProteQt FLS is the premier cloud-based solution to help hospitals simply and cost-effectively implement their own FLS program. As an officially endorsed product of the National Osteoporosis Foundation, ProteQt FLS can help you enroll eligible patients, track their progress, coordinate their care, and assess their outcomes, while helping your organization benchmark performance for quality and payment, and improve against measures that matter.

How does ProteQt Fracture Liaison Service™ work?
Patient Quality Registry
Patient Quality Registry
  Automate data collection securely and efficiently into your own FLS clinical data registry. Information on each patient encounter can be captured manually or directly from your EHR to support your FLS.     The built-in FLS protocol management system simplifies your ability to track and manage each patient over time. Patient workflows and calendars are automatically created for patient management, assessment, and follow-up.
Build your own FLS patient registry to better manage patients, population health, & quality of care delivery.
The automated FLS protocol management system simplifies patient tracking, management, & coordination over time.
Care Coordination Platform
ProteQt FLS is built on a secure, integrated communications platform that enables care coordination both within your health system and across the community.

Follow the FLS model of care to coordinate and manage your patients' care between Fracture Liaisons, their patients, related community-based healthcare providers, and caregivers.

ProteQt FLS Care Coordination Platform enables secure communication between Fracture Liaisons, patients, community providers, & caregivers.
Quality Measurement & Performance Management
Continuously monitor, manage, and improve your organizational performance based on quality measures that matter for value-based payment and quality of patient care.

Drill down using built-in population health management tools to identify patient quality care gaps, and determine next steps in improving the health of your patients, based on the proven FLS model of care.

ProteQt FLS Performance Management System enables continuous performance updates. Compare organizational performance vs. national benchmarks to drive improvement. Built-in population health managment tools allow you to drill down to rapidly identify & close patient gaps in care based on the proven FLS model of care.
Quality Improvement Tools, Resources, & Interventions
Access tools, resources, education, and interventions from the world leaders in bone health management and osteoporosis quality improvement to improve the quality of care delivered at your organization as you build a continuous learning health system.

How Do We Improve? – Access education, training, & interventions from the world’s thought leaders in bone health, as well as shared best practices from peers across the nation who are using ProteQt FLS in their institutions, to drive improvement as you build a continuous learning health system.
Interested in launching a Fracture Liaison Service for your Health System?  
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